still life with old, stained book, SLR camera and vintage man's wrist watch.

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here

Welcome to the artistic home of L. Anne Thompson. This is a fine art photography site. While the subjects vary, my goal is create works that look like paintings

Dancing between two worlds

Mixed race

My father was of German-Scottish and my mother was Native American. He was in the military and became a fine artist later in life. She was a multi-passionate artist/craftsperson who became a banker and social worker and was the primary breadwinner. They always told me I could do whatever I put my mind to. Perhaps I took that too literally – over the years, I’ve explored mixed media art, beadwork, fiber arts but I always go back to photography.

Artist and Office Professional

I received my first 35 mm SLR camera in 1982. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in theater, focused on design with a minor in Art History. I am currently an Executive Assistant at a global tech company.

After high school, I took a course in Office Skills in order to find work outside of fast foods. In parallel with my photography, I’ve held many office professional roles in several industries.

Why Tenukihandcrafts?

This name was coined by my husband when I opened my Etsy shop in the mid-90s. Tenuki is a term from the game of go which means to take the initiative and play somewhere else.

Tenukihandcrafts represents my creative outlet and non-work play time. It is the name on my Washington State and City of Seattle business licenses, my domain name and has been my handle for many years on forums and social media.


I currently use a Canon Rebel T1i and favor Canon 50 mm lens and Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Soft Focus 50 and Sweet 50 optics.

A self-taught photographer, my style took off when I started taking Sebastian Michaels Photoshop courses on My Photo Artistic Life and Denise Love’s 2 Lil Owls photography courses.

My camera is drawn to flower, landscape and doll photography. My imagery is dense and there is a lot to find in each image.

My shops

Each canvas is limited to 50 prints. Total prints sold for all shops is tracked. When the limit is reached, that print will no longer be available.

Follow the links below for various product types available at my print on demand shops.

  • Art Prints housed on this site and features my most popular works. Produced by Printify. Order on this site & ship straight to you.
  • Society6 – art prints, stickers
  • Fine Art America – limited selection of art prints
  • RedBubble – a variety of products (stickers, notebooks, etc)
  • Designs by Humans – a variety of products (stickers, notebooks, etc)