Artist statement & art resume

Artist Statement: L. Anne Thompson

The world is a ridiculous place.  Art can be a reflection of the world or go somewhere else. Tenuki is a term from the game of go that means: take the initiative and play somewhere else.  My art strives to go to that other place. An imaginary world that is slightly better than where we are right now.

I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember from abstract drawings on walls with washable crayons to the mixed media art and hyper real photography I strive for today.  Over the years, I’ve explored photography, theatrical design, fiber arts, beadwork, paper crafting, art dolls.

My inspirations include: my father, who started his fine art career in mid-life; Ukiyo-E, the Impressionists, street art, nature, mythology, and women. My influences include: my artistic friends, graphic novels, film noir, samurai movies, Japanese street fashion, Kuan Yin, Buddhism, the literary worlds of Margaret Atwood, old school punk, World Music, jazz, J-metal, spacey electronic music, and Tuvan throat singers.

I love to explore new techniques and styles and find ways to give it my own twist. What I love most about the 21st Century is the ability to take art classes from excellent working artists around the world.


On-line art classes I’m currently working on:

  • Tamara Laport: Life Book 2018
  • Jane Davenport: I Heart Drawing
  • Sebastian Michaels: Photoshop Artistry Fine Art Grunge

Tamara Laporte/Willowing Arts: Ultimate World of Whimsy, Magical Mythical Makings, Awesome Art Journal, Life Book 2014, Life Book 2015, Digital Dreams, Little Whimsy Friends, Ever After, Rainbow Mermaid, Bookworm Girl, Art Doll Angel, Summer Girls, Summer Gypsy, Song of Me, A Christmas Whimsy

Jane Davenport: Draw Happy, Frolicaholic, Supplies Me, Express Yourself, Mermaid Circus, Print & Scan

Jenniebellie: Wisdom Journal, Rock Your Online Shop, Birthday Tradition Journal

Mika Diaz: Face 2 Face, Mixed Media Doodline, Painted Ladies

Mindy Lacefield: Paint Your Story, Primitive Portraits 1

Kelly Rae Roberts: Hello Mantra, Hello Soul

Effy Wild: Radiant Faces

Alena Hennesy: Make Art That Sells

Tangie Baxter: As if By Magic

Adele Po: Dollmaking

Marla Niederer: Cloth ball jointed doll – Mystique

Diane Keeler: Flapper Hats, If the Shoe Fits

Vivienne McMaster: Be Your Own Beloved

Fusion Beads: Silver Fusing


Theater –

  • Open Circle Theater.  Costumer Designer for Atlas Theater’s production of “Anna Karenina.” Lighting Designer for Re-staging of “Are We Scared?” Stage hand, light board operator for
  • Annex Theater. Light board operator for “Dracula”
  • Central Washington University. Stage Manager, Scene Shop Assistant, Costume Shop Assistant, and Light Board Operator in most of CWU department productions

Photography –

  • Stylist and photographer for the Seattle Go Center Annual Pair Go Tournament
  • Photographer at Fred Hutch CRD Retirement parties
  • Photographer for Marva Holmes’ costume design portfolio

Design – highlights from my 30+ year career as an administrative professional

  • Layout and publish “The Lookout,” Fred Hutch EH&S newsletter, 2 years
  • LTFU Annual Holiday party flyer, 9 years
  • CSSD Week poster
  • Created a number of presentations and flyers while studying for the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional exam
  • Several examples are posted here


Pair Go Promotional posters, created by me and featuring my Asian ball-jointed dolls arranged in go-related vignettes.  Permanent display in the Seattle Go Center lobby.

Past Exhibitions

“Zeus’ Women” Mixed media paintings. Artfx Gallery and Shop, Seattle, WA.

“Krampus”  Photography and mixed media paintings. Bedlam Coffee House, Seattle.


Featured artist in “Creative Women WorldWide” by A. V. Yakupova. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN-10: 1533172714


“Jumpstart Journal: Creating Backgrounds” 1 day class at Seattle ReCreative

Free art tutorials 


CWU Theater annual scholarship – Assignment: Prop Mistress for one season

Recent Works