The duality of Anne. I am a mixed race (white and Yakama), Gen X’er (barely edged past Boomer) and artist/career administrative professional, who’s never quite felt at home in any of those worlds.

My artistic career is documented at 6 years old, when I got my first set of washable crayons. Art was always my favorite class in school. Even though I was told I ‘can do anything’ by my parents, there was always the advice to choose a sensible career.

My first camera was a high school graduation gift from mom and dad, a Sears KS-1 camera (Ricoh’s XR6) SLR. I still own this camera and break it out every so often to flex those manual photography muscles.

Photo from one of my first photo expeditions

After high school graduation, I spent a year trying to decide on a college and a major. I took an office skills class at my local voc tech and entered the world of temporary office work.

I headed off to college with a vague plan and ended up with a BA in technical theater, focused on stage craft and design with a minor in Art History, taught by Mr. Fitzgerald, who took us through each period of art blip vert style.

After college, I took random part-time and temporary jobs until I accepted my first full-time admin position at a local nonprofit. Needing a creative outlet, I turned my free time to the craft side of creating: jewelry, knitting, spinning yarns, sewing and paper arts.

I started my first blog, Musings of a Crafty Wench, in 2006 to chronicle my craft adventures. In 2009, I found ball jointed dolls and my current favorite subjects to shoot, because they’re always ready when the muse strikes.

Years of keyboarding and crafting left me with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. In mid-2013, My doctor put me on a crafting hiatus. By fall that year, I had carpel tunnel release surgery on both hands and had to give up all the crafting altogether for many years.

About a month after the second surgery, I found myself very grumpy because I wasn’t creating. This is when I discovered the wonderful world of online mixed media art and digital photography classes. Starting with Zentangles, through art journaling and mixed media art and finally to digital photo manipulation classes.

A few of my mixed media canvases

Finally! Those random photos have a purpose!


By the end of 2019, I’ve finally come to accept my art and administrative careers are running parallel.

I live in the Emerald City with my supportive husband and a small army of fashion and ball jointed dolls. We’re looking forward to the day when we can get out of the house and resume ‘normal’ life: going to movies, attending film festivals, concerts, burlesque shows.

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