Stump Doll tutorial

After taking one of Tam Laporte’s mini classes, called Art Doll Angel, I got bit with the bug of making art stump dolls.  Busts, for a more artsy-fartsy term. I enjoyed Tam’s class, but she used a bottle as the base for her doll.  I didn’t have an empty bottle, so I improvised a base for my doll using magazine pages, masking tape and bamboo skewer. These are a lot of fun to make so I decided to share the art doll love.

One of my art goals is to offer on-line art classes.  This free class is my proof of concept, to see if I can plan out and execute a series of videos for an entire project.  It’s taking longer than expected, between a full-time job and knee surgery but my goal is to finish these videos before May, when the Seattle International Film Festival rolls around.

These were originally posted to my youtube channel, which has a 15 minute limit for free accounts. As of March 4, 2018, I’m still shooting the videos, so I’ll be adding videos until the project is complete. If you are working along with the videos, the posts on this page will get you from a pile of supplies to a completely sculpted art doll, ready to paint and finish. That will be a good stopping point because you need to let your art doll completely dry before you start sanding and finishing.

If you enjoy this free class, I’d love your feedback and to see photos of your creations.  Please leave a comment and links to your project photos.

Part 1: Project supplies and creating the base for the bust and head

Part 2: Attaching the head to the body

Part 3: Applying clay to the form

Part 4: Sculpting the face, part 1 of 3 – eyes

Part 5: Sculpting the face, part 2 of 3- lips

Part 6: Sculpting the face, part 3 of 3 – adding cheeks, brows, and forehead

Future episodes include:

Part 7: Sanding and priming

Part 8: Painting the face

Part 9: Clothing and wig

Part 10: Finishing touches


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