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Time to Go

The next few posts are some recent Takashima images. After compositing the original images, they are run through Photography BB From Dusk Till Dawn Photoshop action, with the default color scheme. Sometimes I brighten or darken the image, depending on the original.

Less than 20 images remain for the first draft. Mostly running, which is the most difficult for the dolls. Rather than wire any of the dolls, I’ve been using poster tack inside the joints. It’s worked pretty well.

There will be some re-shooting or re-working images and this is one of them, for 2 reasons: Ginger is looking at the camera not Keaton and Keaton is out of focus. My other complaint is that my Elfdoll Soah, the Street Samurai, could use jointed hands. I’ll do some research on Den of Angels to see if anyone else has tried it. For now, I’m masking her hands or rotating them to mask that her hands are not curled around the sword hit. I figured that out after taking this photo.

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