The Trap

Photo of a spider web with a spider at the center and a moth flying towards the web.

The April 2022 Kaizen challenge is to quickly create 4 canvases per week (called finger exercises in the group) then select one to further develop. I’ve created three so far this week and this one is my favorite.

I’m going to let is sit and figure out what else it needs before I put more work into it. One thing I’d like to edit is to mask the spider web at the point the frame starts.

The image of the spider is my own from last fall, shooting with my Canon 50 mm lens and shooting through one of the Lensbaby Omni Create Filter system crystals. Although in this version of the image, the lovely bokeh on the green side of the image is transformed into a soft green wash of color, picked up by the butterfly. The butterfly and background are Foxey Squirrel elements.

The spider image was run through PhotographyBB Powder Paint and the entire image was run through PhotographyBB Illustration.