Takashima Extraction Cast of Characters

Takashima Employees

Aloysius Keaton

The Protagonist: Aloysius Keaton. Everyone calls him Keaton. Employee of Takashima Industries. He prefers to work at night, which makes him an outcast among his coworkers. He loves data and digging into anomalies. He’s interested in Miss Camille Starfall but hasn’t asked her out yet.

The doll: Keaton, Elfdoll Special K, 63 cm tall, Homme skin, company face-up, special and fist hands.

Miss Camile Starfall

The Love Interest: Miss Camille Starfall. Her job is not well defined but if Keaton is at the bottom of the chain of command, Camille is one link above Keaton. She’s mostly quiet, very efficient, keeps her head down and does her job.

The doll: Grayson, hybrid Dollmore Special White Lilis Liv head on Glorydoll single jointed body 57 cm tall.

The Coworkers

The Coworkers: lowly corporate drones. Peers of Keaton. They love to gossip and flirt with The Supervisor.

The dolls: Peyton, Volks F34, white skin 56 cm tall. Sam, Volks F19, normal skin 56 cm tall.

Camille’s Supervisor

The Supervisor: typical lower management corporate drone. Master of CYA. Interested in Miss Camille but corp policy frowns on inter-department romances but not on shameless flirting.

The doll: Ethan, Dollshe Bernard (OE) on Pure Body, Fresh skin, 70 cm tall

The Manager

The Manager: typical middle management corporate drone. Even better at CYA, placing blame and helping employees reach retirement.

The doll: Haley. Dollstown Lucille head, Fresh skin on Volks NS SD13 body, 56 cm tall.

The Executive

The Executive: the ultimate corporate drone. One step below SVP and she’s gonna get that job, no matter what it takes or who she steps with her stilettos to get there.

The doll: Wellington, Sybarite Generation X.

The ‘Runners

The Fixer

The Fixer: The guy to call when you have a problem that can’t be solved by legal means. If you can get his number. Good luck with that, chummer.

The doll: Dollshe SA Hound, Oriental skin, re-issued Hound body.

The Street Samurai

The Street Samurai: experienced ‘runner. Her speciality is using 2 katana. When possible, she’ll knock opponents out rather than cut them down.

The doll: Ginger, Elfdoll Rainy Soah, in normal skin, 61 cm in her butt-kicking platform boots.

The Rigger

The Rigger: Takashima is his first run but he is an experienced drone operator. Builds his own drones. Specializes in very small drones he calls bugs because the target will mistake them for actual bugs.

The doll: Hiro, B&G Doll Rin, normal yellow skin, default faceup. 60 cm tall.

The Pinkham Boys

The Pinkham Boys: Gaius and Lucius. Experienced, ruthless ‘runners. They get the job done. Top pay, no witnesses. Gaius is the brains and Lucius is the brawn.

The dolls (l to r): Wolf, Dollshe Grown Bermann, Oriental skin, 70 cm tall. Lysander, Soom Mecha Angel Sabik, normal skin 80 cm tall.

The Hacker

The Hacker: he’s a newbie. Specializes in breaking into corporate security systems.

The doll: Lancaster, Dollshe IM Hound, Oriental skin, 70 cm tall.

The Mage

The Mage: experienced mage but a new ‘runner. Took Takashima as a favor to the Street Samurai. Specializes in protection and diversion spells.

The dolls: Diana, Volks F48/Rinon in Sunlight skin, long legs, 57 cm tall.