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Takashima Characters

Illustrated portrait of 2 Skeptical coworkers in an office hallway.

Hi friends. I took a much needed week of vacation the first week of October. I made the final push on adding text to Takashima. It’s gone to a very small group of first draft readers to make sure the story makes sense. I’m expecting to add a few connecting images or text but it’s so close to done!

For today’s post, here are the Takashima Cast gallery pages I created for the end of the graphic novel. Or maybe the beginning. Not sure.

The Dolls

Aloysius Keaton – Elfdoll Special K

Camille Starfall – Dollmore Special White Lilis Liv head on Glorydoll body

Takashima Team Supervisor – Dollshe Bernard

Takashima Manager – Dollstown Lucille on Volks SD body

HBIC – Sybarite Wellington

Drek Coworker #1 – Volks F19

Drek Coworker #2 – Volks F34

The Fixer – Dollshe SA Hound

Ginger – Elfdoll Soah

Chalk – Volks F48

Gaius Pinkham – Dollshe Grown Bermann

Lucius Pinkham – Soom Mecha Angel Sabik

Julius – Dollshe IM Hound

Hiro – B&G Doll Rin

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