Teesha Moore’s Fabric Journal project

Hi ho, lovely readers! Teesha Moore has been an inspirational artist to me for a very long time. Long before I got into mixed media art.  I really enjoyed Mermaid Circus last year and I've subscribed to the Artstonauts club, which is a wealth of inspiration and collage sheets. I was poking around youtube recently … Continue reading Teesha Moore’s Fabric Journal project

Whimsical Krampus Handmaiden

My friend Marva invited me to join her upcoming Krampus themed show at Bedlam Coffee next month. Most of my pieces are altered digital photos of Marva in her awesome Krampus costume. I really wanted to include a mixed media art piece. I sketched a few whimsical Krampuses and they were OK. It wasn't until … Continue reading Whimsical Krampus Handmaiden