DIY Traveler’s Notebook

Hi ho, friends. I have been wanting a Traveler's Notebook ever since I took Christy Tomlinson's Creative Planner class.  It's the perfect size for carrying in my commute bag.  I used the notebook that came in this month's Planner Society box as the template.  I also made a couple of notebooks with tabbed wrappers (not … Continue reading DIY Traveler’s Notebook

WIP Planner & Creative Planning E-Class

Hi friends, I am loving Christy Tomlinson and Cori Steiker (theresetgirl)'s Creative Planning ecourse. I'll be doing a review of the class after I finish the class. In the meantime, I have started assembling a personal size (3.7" wide by 6.7" long) Day Timer planner (they call it portable). I love my Happy Planner, but … Continue reading WIP Planner & Creative Planning E-Class

Bucket List: Learn Altai Khomus

Hi friends. Today's post is a mash-up of several things on my Bucket List: Khomus progress, hooping progress, and making movies. Waaaaay back in high school, I wanted to go to film school.  By the time I graduated and was ready to head off to college, I couldn't afford out-of-state tuition, so I studied theater … Continue reading Bucket List: Learn Altai Khomus

Create Your Shining Life/Biz Workbooks

Hi friends, In 2014, I found Leonie Dawson's Create Your Shining Life and Business Workbooks. I think I followed a link from Tamara Laporte's ning site. Anywho, given my love of planners, I bought the pdf versions, printed them at home, and got to work. The workbooks are available every year and you can buy … Continue reading Create Your Shining Life/Biz Workbooks