Ello on driftwood

Hi art friends. The Gimp experiments continue.  One of the books Sebastian Michaels recommends in the Photoshop Artistry Grunge class is "Photocraft: creative mixed media and digital approaches to transforming your photographs," by Susan Tuttle and Christy Hydeck. It's a terrific book with photography tips, Photoshop recipes, and mixed media projects. Today's post is one … Continue reading Ello on driftwood

Ellowyne @ the Nation Wildlife Refuge

The first week of August, I spent a few days with my mom in Eastern Washington. Our plan was to take a road trip to Crater Lake. I've never been and I've heard it's beautiful. So I packed my camera and Adrift Ellowyne and drove over Saturday morning. After dinner, I get a text that … Continue reading Ellowyne @ the Nation Wildlife Refuge