Starfall and Keaton, V2

Hi ho art friends, A couple weeks ago, I took some shots of potential doll changes to my Takashima Extraction characters, Al Keaton and Camille Starfall. I had a bit of time today to do a finger exercise of my latest options: my Elfdoll K, 62 cm tall, Elfdoll face-up and my Dollmore Lilis Liv/Glorydoll … Continue reading Starfall and Keaton, V2

Ellowyne @ the Nation Wildlife Refuge

The first week of August, I spent a few days with my mom in Eastern Washington. Our plan was to take a road trip to Crater Lake. I've never been and I've heard it's beautiful. So I packed my camera and Adrift Ellowyne and drove over Saturday morning. After dinner, I get a text that … Continue reading Ellowyne @ the Nation Wildlife Refuge

I love this guy

Besides playing with dolls, we have a small army of Dr. Who figures.  Many scale nicely as toys for my ball jointed dolls. Adipose has to be the weirdest.  It's a sort of stress toy.  Squishy. You can make an eye bulge out hilariously. You can feel the, uh, globules. One day, I decided to take some … Continue reading I love this guy