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WIP – assemblage self portrait

I don’t recall the first time I saw this style of mixed media assemblage art, but I am pretty sure it was in one of the Stampington and Company publications, which I’ve loved since way back in my rubber stamping days.

What renewed my interest was Finnabair’s lesson in Life Book 2014, I’ve been enchanted with her style of blending portraits and assemblage art.

For the past few months, I’ve been watching and rewatching the videos on her youtube channel. I like how she incorporates self-portraits; however, I’m not a big fan of my own selfies.  I do enjoy paint over collage.  So I took a few new selfies with the goal of using them as paint-overs and picked this one for today’s piece.

The collage started on a wrapped canvas and colored with Neocolor 2 water soluable crayons.  I set the crayons with a layer of white gesso and followed that with crackle paste through some of my favorite stencils.  After gluing down my portrait, I mixed some Decoart lavendar with modeling paste, which I pushed through a round stencil design for my hair/halo.

A blend of Santa’s Flesh, Titan Buff, and clear gesso covers my face and I glued down some decorative paper for my dress. 

At the moment, I’m sidetracked with my photoshop artistry class, but I’ll get back around to finishing this painting and post the results.

Happy arting!

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WIP. Happy little mountain and trees.

Inspired by the Netflix streaming Bob Ross’ painting series. I decided to pull out my Shiva oil sticks and oil pastels and create my own little happy landscape.  It’s in progress. I’m not so happy with the mountin but I like the foothills and trees.

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DL Week 50: Spacecation!


Thanks to one of my Radiant Faces classmates, Carrie, I found the Documented Life Project – part art journal and part calendar with weekly themes. I’ve made my 2015 planner and done a few of the 2014 challenges.

Week 50 is The Ultimate Fantasy Vacation. I could have picked some like Easter Island, world tour, etc, but I thought: why not an intergalactic vacation? While these pages do not depict a specific planetary system, it would be a lot of fun to take an interplanetary tour. Will it happen in my lifetime?  Who knows.

These pages are in my extra large Leuchturm 1917 with collage elements from Mermaid Circus and Teesha Moore’s Artstonauts site, acrylic markers, Promarkers, various pens, and Distress stains. Plus digital enhancement with Pixlromatic and Aviary.

Expect more posts with Documented Life. Around 2011, I used my Moleskin daily planner as a proto art journal/daily planner. I really liked it but got sidetracked with craft projects that are currently on hiatus. When I saw Documented Life, I  knew it was for me.  I’ll try to dig the journals out of storage and post some of the pages.

What is your Ultimate Fantasy Vacation. ..if money were no object?

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Teesha style page


I’m still experimenting with Teesha’s art journal collage style. This page just kept going. However, I like that I combined collage with text. Also, I am really enjoying my lettering.

I love this style and will continue to explore it. There’s something soothing about working these pages.

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Just Another Monday


After a not so awesome day at work, I came home and wrote out what bugged me. After dinner, I did a bit of work on Life Book Week 44. After doing the star field background, I had an idea for the journal page.

The background was distress stain with Pitt pen journal entry and white acrylic watered down with a drop of Ultramarine blue and Interference Violet. The girl is a color copy from a scan of a favorite from an earlier class and the other images are clip art from Teesha and Mermaid Circus.

The doodles were done with acrylic marker and Pitt Pens. Plus a little alcohol marker in cool grey for shadows.

A little digital enhancement with #aviary for this post >

I  will set aside for tonight before I decide if it’s done, but I like the way it is turning out.

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Mermaid Circus Week 1

My art classes for this fall are rather ambitious: the last 3 months of Life Book 2014; Mermaid Circus, and Radiant Faces. This post focuses on Mermaid Circus. I see I’ve posted out of sequence, but that’s because I’m jumping around with these classes.

This is a “live” class, runs 8 weeks, taught by Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore. You probably already know that I’m Jane Davenport class junkie. I have been in love with Teesha Moore’s work since before I knew who she was.  I own several of her Zetiology line of rubber stamps, from back in my stamping days and have seen her collage works for many years.

This class was offered about this time last fall, but I was too chicken to take it, feeling that my newbie mixed media skills were not up it. The lesson there: don’t listen to that inner critic so the next time I see a class I want to take, I won’t let my inner critic stop me. My wallet, yes. Lack of time…maybe.

Lesson 1 was a Teesha Moore-style collage.  My version is Sea Urchin Herding Mermaid.


As you can see, I went a tad nuts. But, hey, it’s my first one in this style. It’s how I roll. I love this style of collage so much and have continued to work on it and merge it into my style, whatever that is…

In addition to working on pages in this journal, I made the mermaid shaped book from watercolor paper. This is a very fun class. Half the fun of taking these classes is seeing how everyone takes each lesson and makes it their own.

There are all levels of artists in all three classes.  Everyone has been wonderful and supportive, teachers and students alike.

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My dreams…

Aside stress dreams, my dreams are … odd.

This journal spread sort of captures the random image quality of dreams.

This is a page spread I have been working on for a while. It was very busy and not composed.

Tonight, I grunged and brought out the parts that I like, downplayed other images.


It’s got a disjointed quality I like.

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Start of Collage

Back at the turn of the 21st Century, I got my drawing fix through rubber stamps. For the most part, my cards followed the card trends at the time. Around 2008, I wanted to expand my stamping to something more arty and I wanted to use images more my own.

I went through my art history books and found some African masks.  I melded a couple of them into this design, which I carved from Staedtler carving blocks.  The other stamps are a Japanese poem and cave art, although I can’t remember the companies to credit them.


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I Hope You Dance

I have one themed journal, which started its life back in my direct sales days. It was an affirmation journal, filled with positive quotes, mostly from my O Magazine reading days, my favorite stamps, quotes, and the like. At the time, I glued my magazine pages down with whatever glue stick was handy. Many of the original pieces did not adhere well.

It has been many years since I was in direct sales and the book sat locked away until recently. In keeping with my happy theme, I have been removing some of the previous elements and re-working pages, embellishing with paint and doodles. Tonight, I printed one of my scanned drawings, of my inner critic for Awesome Art Journal, glued the Critic Monster down and went to town on the page. One of the leftover elements on the page is some piece of advice, probably from Oprah, advising  to sieze the day. I  did a little editing with a silver Montana acrylic marker to hone the advice into a sort of found poem. Some acrtylic paints and various papers. Blue is my favorite color and my color for Life Book 2014. You might say I’m in my Blue Period.

I stopped to take a photo, like I do. It consider the page  a work in progress, but liked it enough to post. In keeping with my digital art/photo manipulation machinations, I added my dragonfly girl using pics art. Did some filtering and embellishing with pixlomatic, and finishing with a couple layers in Aviary. I like the digital verion so much, I may use the digital version to finish the actual piece.

Although unexpected, I am enjoying how the digital version of my pieces are beginning to influence my art journals and will continue this experiment.