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Creative Planner Review

Hi ho my lovlies!

As promised, today’s post is a review of Christy Tomlinson and Cori Streiker’s on-line workshop: The Creative Planner. It’s billed as a 2 week class, but you could stretch this class out several weeks. I binge watched it. It’s packed with everything you could want to know about the planners that are available (as of May 2015), planner sizes, inspiration of Christy & Cori’s setups, freebie insert pages, links to their fave planner resources and if that weren’t enough, how to make your own dividers, dashboards, tabs, decorating.

In short, OMG, you get so much for the cost of the workshop, which is $34.95.  You’ll spend WAY more on all the planners you’ll be inspired to buy and make. You can’t download the videos, but you do have 3 years to access the class.

I loved this class. Aside from the fact that Christy and Cori totally enabled my planner obsession, they showed me 2 very different styles of planner decorations and how to craft my own personalized planners. Creating the components don’t take much time at all so it would be easy-peasy to create themed planners, seasonal planners, well, you could go completely nuts on this.  And, if you invest in the more expensive leather planners, you could sell them on ebay when you get tired of them.  According to Christy, most have good resale value, except the Franklin A5 planners – largely because they use their own proprietary punch system.  I think, too, they appeal less to females, as they come in subdued, manly colors. Blacks, browns…understated stuff.

Thanks to this class, I’ve crafted 3 planners so far. Here are teaser photos of each.

Kikki K pocket size Aqua planner, with a mermaid theme. I carry this in my Tom Bihn Imagio bag, which is my daily work bag.  I made my own inserts because I wanted to try it and I didn’t really like the ones I found on-line.


Personal/portable DayTimer black vinyl planner, which is the planner I leave in the living room so I can jot down ideas and lists.


Levenger Circa disc bound planner with the Kyoto discs for my tenukihandcrafts business.


As the time I drafted this post (August 27), I ordered Cori’s Carpe Diem planner, A5 in Persimmon and I purchased Stick with Sam’s A5 Boho Dreamcatcher insert pack. It wasn’t until I talked with my mom about the Name Day for my sister and I that I decided I would use this planner for my Name Day.

Let me know if you’re interested to see inside these planners and I’ll make flip through videos. Let me know, too, what you’re working on.

Happy planning & creating!


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WIP Planner & Creative Planning E-Class

Hi friends,

I am loving Christy Tomlinson and Cori Steiker (theresetgirl)’s Creative Planning ecourse. I’ll be doing a review of the class after I finish the class. In the meantime, I have started assembling a personal size (3.7″ wide by 6.7″ long) Day Timer planner (they call it portable).

I love my Happy Planner, but it is too big to carry around with me day to day, so I put together this Personal size planner mainly as an extensive list making tool.  Yes, I’ve tried Evernote, but, well, that’s a post for another day…

I admit I have been quite intimidated by the trend of decorating planner pages. I tried some extensive decorating in my Happy Planner but found I’m a more minimalist. That said, I still want a pretty, customized planner.  This class showed me the way.  Thanks Christy and Cori!

Here is a flip through of my Work In Progress.  I already have plans for a color-coordinated planner or two and more so stay tuned for updates. It’s quirky, but I love it so far.

I am using a mix of free and purchased printables, as well as temporarily using the page that came with the planner, although I really am not enjoying them. But, WIP, right?

 Also included with today’s post is a short tutorial on how to use an adjustable 7 hole punch for 6 hole Personal size planners, which are used by Day Timer, Kikki K, Webster’s Color Crush, and others.

Happy planning!
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Radiant Faces Lesson 3


Lesson 3 of Radiant Faces is with Christy Tomlinson who has what I call a whimsical impressionist style.

I tried working the entire piece with her supplies, but it was trickier than I thought.

My Girly Girl was done with Stabilo pencil, acrylics, Pitt pens, Collage Pauge, alcohol ink, various papers, Stayzon ink, stamps, stencils, and Prisma pencils on 9 x 12 canvas.

I am enjoying the class and it is stretching my skills. I’m not totally in love with her but I like her. I want to try Christy’s techniques again because I like the idea of shading with Pitt pens.

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Life Book Week 43


Life Book Week 43 with Christy Tomlinson. by Tenuki Handcrafts on Flickr.

I’m still working on Life Book. I made this page in one of my journals and liked her so much that I decided to make a 9 x 12 version.

The first layer of the page is a journal entry about my art afternoon with Marva, which was a lot of fun as always.

Just follow this link to see and comment on this photo: