The Takashima Extraction Graphic Novel


“The Takashima Extraction” is a noir-inspired crime drama, set 100 years in the future, where employees are born and die in their corporate enclave. Leaving the corporation is, shall we say, frowned upon.

Aloysius Keaton hates his job as a data analyst and isn’t too happy with his coworkers. He stumbles upon information that might just be his ticket out. Is he clever enough to escape to the Free Lands and brave enough to ask Camille Starfall to join him?

Story and photography by L. Anne Thompson Copyright 2023 – All Rights Reserved


100 years in the future, the world is run under a system of corporate feudalism. Employees are born into their corp and contracted at a young age by their parents. It is illegal to break a contract. Employees who wish to leave have 2 choices: convince another corp to buy their contract or hire mercenaries and escape to the Free Lands.

Meet Aloysius Keaton, a talented but disgruntled data analyst. He’s been looking for a way out for a couple years. He discovers a data anomaly that implicates members of his team. Keaton must decide whether to use this discovery as his ticket out or be a good little corporate drone and protect Takashima’s assets.

Product Notes

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You will receive a download link to the pdf file. Due to the page size and images details, it is best read on a laptop, tablet or desktop monitor.

The Takashima Extraction is an original work of fiction by L. Anne Thompson copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved.

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