Zeus was not a nice diety.  He killed his own father and spent the bulk of his life turning himself into husbands and creatures in order to seduce or rape women.  His wife, Hera, also his sister, punished nearly all of the women.

Back in the day, the stories of Zeus and the other Greek gods served as explorations on how to and not to behave. Yet, over time, these stories somehow evolved into how abused Western society continues to treat abused women – the women are blamed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

During a very stressful period at work, my long dormant memories of being sexually abused by a neighbor surfaced.  I was 6 years old.

Every girl in our neighborhood was assaulted yet the perpetrator was shielded by the other adults, which drove families out of the neighborhood only to bring him new victims.

This portrait series features a tiny portion of the women in Zeus’ life: wives, daughters, and the women who bore the children of Zeus. The series was on display at the Artfx Gallery in Seattle in the summer of 2017.