The Takashima Extraction

The Takashima Extraction is a passion project I’ve been working on since 2017.

The story grew out of another story outline that grew too large for me to take on as a photo story project. Takashima became the proof of concept that began as a bjd photo story – it’s a thing in the bjd world. I wanted to take take it out of the standard bjd photo story into new territory. Takashima grew into a graphic novel that I plan to complete in mid-2022.

This page is a journey of The Takashima Extraction visual evolution.

Conceptual Images

Composite Backgrounds

Photography BB From Dusk Til Dawn Composite Images

Keaton’s daydream images, revisited

Keaton’s day dream begins
Keaton & Starfall, daydream

Images converted to black & white

PhotographyBB ComicBook Maker Test Pages

Gallery of images

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