Publications & Exhibitions

Living the Photo Artistic Life

“Urban Peony” and “Pinecone” Issue 89, July 2022

Pink peony with a faint urban skyline.
“Urban Peony”

“Manky Dahlia” Issue 84, February 2022

“Manky Dahlia” by L. Anne Thompson

“Past Their Prime” Issue 80, October 2021

“Past Their Prime”

“Morning Dew on Gerbera” and “Dotty Daisy” Issue 79, September 2021

“Morning Dew on Gerbera”
“Dotty Daisy”

“Still Life with Peonies” and “Lost” Issue 77, July 2021

“Still Life with Peonies”
“Lost” ironically, I cropped the original image then saved it #doh

“Cadriel” Issue 64, June 2020


“Fishing” Issue 59, January 2020


“A Walk in the Rain” and “The Bird Shack” Issue 55, September 2019

A Walk in the Rain”
The Bird Shack


Seattle Go Center annual Pair Go Promotional Posters

Lobby display 2013-2023

Light Space & Time Gallery

13th Annual “Botanicals” Online Art Exhibition

January 2023 – Top 20 Photography & Digital Works – Honorable Mention, “Pink Peonies”

April 2022 – Botanicals

Special Merit “Dreamy Sunflower”

“Dreamy Sunflower”

August 2019 – Botanicals

Special mention “After the Rain”

“After the Rain”

Shift Art Monthly Challenge

January 2019 honorable mention “A Narrow Escape”

“A Narrow Escape”

Zeus’ Women, Summer 2016

Gallery exhibition at Artfx Seattle. Eleven mixed media portraits of women who were tricked and abused by the Greek god Zeus.

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