Nothing Personal – Steps

A little something different for today’s post: the progression of one image from composite to final illustration, featuring Lucius Pinkham, my Soom Mecha Angel Sabik.

Lucius was shot against a white sheet, then extracted using a Photoshop action I created called, Doll Extraction. If needed, I clean update doll joints and add a layer for the whites of the eyes. The background is the view behind Keaton’s desk, which was a Pexels free to use image.

Here is the composite photo.

Once the image is composited, I execute The Move (creating 1 new layer from all visible layers) then run it through Photography BB From Dusk Till Dawn Illustration Photoshop action.

I look it over to see if the composite needs tweaking. Sometimes the Doll Extraction results in an unpleasant halo. Sometimes, though, this halo serves as a bit of reflected light that can look odd here but once it’s run through the next action, that halo serves to separate the characters from the background.

Once I’m satisfied with the From Dusk Till Dawn Image, it goes into one of the Photography BB Comic Book Maker templates, as a Place Embedded image. Once embedded, the action runs to create the illustrated comic book look. For today’s example, I placed the image on the single panel template.


  1. This is amazing!! Thank you so much for the detail in how each step is done.

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