Leonie Dawson Academy Review

Full disclosure: This post includes affiliate links.

In today’s post, I want to share a review for Leonie Dawson’s Academy, a subscription for women’s business coaching and training. I’ve been a fan for a while and used Leonie’s Brilliant Life planning workbook. If you’ve thought about joining Leonie’s Brilliant Biz & Life Academy, now is the time: until November 30, 2023 you can join at the current price of $99/year. On December 1, the cost will double. Keep reading to find out how great a deal that is.

I was looking for training and coaching for my art business. I was an Academy member about a decade ago but didn’t make time to fully use the resources and quit. I re-found it last year and joined in November 2022.

Leonie is a glorious weirdo: drops F bombs like there’s no tomorrow, is the epitome of Full Disclosure, a hippie, mom and brilliant business woman. She is neurodivergent and very much an open book. That is why I love her. Leonie is direct and doesn’t pull punches.

Her workbooks and course handouts are hand drawn and wonderfully colorful. The featured image of this post is an example of Leonie’s art. The content in her offerings is brilliant. If you follow her steps and do the work, you will be successful.

My Brilliant Life and My Brilliant Biz workbooks – the titles have changed over the years but the content is mostly the same: these are a master class in goal setting for all areas of your life or biz. I first came across the workbooks around 2015. What I like is that these workbooks cover all areas of your business or life, includes recommended reading and space for brainstorming.

I’ve used them off and on over the years. When I focus and follow my plan, I see increased traffic to my site and sales but if you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m not the most consistent. Academy members get access to digital versions of both workbooks.

Classes – I used Leonie’s 40 Days to Complete your Book, to keep me on track with Takashima. To date, I’d have a few sales of Takashima, but again, I have not put the time into promoting the book but will make time for it next year.

I’ve completed Sales Star, which helped me re-structure this website. My site traffic have tripled, my followers have increased by 25% and my sales increased 100%. Not bad for the limited time I have to devote to this site!

Brilliant Biz & Life Academy – Any single class costs between $77 – $300. Joining the Academy is a deal: for the cost of 1 class per year, you get access to the entire class library plus other goodies.

Other member benefits – Members have access to the class library, student forums, monthly membership call, and Leonie shares her earning with members. In 2023, she added some guest classes and has even more planned for 2024.

The members are terrific people from across the globe who authentically support each other, whether in the Student Forums, mastermind teams or accountability partners. I have a wonderful accountability partner based in England, so we don’t meet up as often as we’d like due to the time difference, but we have a great time when we meet.

Here are links to some of my favorite Leonie offerings. Leonie is quite generous with her affiliate program.

  • Leonie’s Free Inspiration Library. Fun ebooks and handy basic workbooks for both life and business.
  • My Brilliant Biz and My Brilliant Life workbooks – if you’re not running a business, the Brilliant Life workbook will help you set, track and achieve your goals. I’m a big fan of these workbooks.
  • Sales Star Master Class – everything you need to know about selling your product or business in a down-to-earth, fun way.
  • Link to the Brilliant Biz & Life Academy before 11/30/23 at the current rate of $99/year. On December 1, 2023, the price doubles. It is well worth the price.
  • List of all the classes

If you have languishing goals, I highly recommend getting the Brilliant Biz and Brilliant Life Workbooks, sign up for a class, or go all in and join the Academy. Leonie is a wildly successful entrepreneur and shares her knowledge at a fraction of the cost of other online business and life coaches.