An artful life

Artist resume (2014-present)


  • “A Walk in the Rain” and “Birdshack” Living the Photo Artistic Life, Issue 55, September 2019
  • Canvases and short biography in Creative Women WorldWide by A. V. Yakupova. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN-10: 1533172714


  • Annual Pair Go Tournament promotional posters (photograpy) on permanent display at the Seattle Go Center, 2013-present
  • “Zeus’ Women” (mixed media portraits) featured artist at Artfx Studio, Seattle, Summer 2016
  • “Krampus” (mixed media and photography) exhibition shared with Marva Holmes at Bedlam Coffee, Seattle, December 2015

Recognition & Awards

  • “Cherry Blossoms” received Special Merit and “After the Rain” received Special Recognition; Light Space & Time Gallery, August 2019 “Botanicals” themed exhibition
  • “A Narrow Escape” received an Honorable Mention, January 2019 Shift Art monthly challenge


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