Welcome to my corner of the interwebs. I’m glad you’re here. As you spend time here, you will notice I don’t believe in the conventional wisdom to focus on a niche.  

I’m the one with the glasses. Coulda cropped it, but I love this class photo.

Not interested in niches and never have been.  I credit my parents.  They told me I could do anything I wanted.  It became a game for me to test how supportive they were of my latest hair-brained scheme. As I recall, everything I threw out there was batted back with: you can do it!

I have the most respect for artists who are never satisfied with their past work. They try new techniques, styles, ways of looking at the world and make it their own.

On this site, you will see works-in-progress, abandoned works, and what Sebastian Michaels’ calls “finger exercises” (warm up exercises).

I have been granted the right to use all the elements in the works you see here and in my shop. Much of the content is from the generosity of Sebastian’s students, but I also purchase content and artistic/commercial licenses from other sources, primarily G&T Designs. I tend to steer clear of personal use only licenses. Whenever possible, I credit the artists and include the set the elements come from, although this is not required by the artistic/commercial license.

This site is my Artistic Home because I have another site, The Introverted Admin, where I explore my other life as a career admin.