First Exhibition of 2023!

Still life photograph of pink peonies in full bloom.

Hi art friends. I’m excited to announce one of my floral photographs received an honorable mention and landed in the top 20 works selected for Light Space & Time Gallery Botanicals Exhibition.

This is a terrific start to the new year! I submitted five works and “Pink Peonies” was selected. Check out all the winners at the Light Space & Time Gallery.

Here is “Pink Peonies” the original photograph was run through Photography BB Illustrated with a 2 Lil Owls overlay.

still life photograph with five pink peonies.

The next Light Space & Time theme is All Women and no other theme. Entries are due on January 27. In looking over the winner’s from last year, the styles vary wildly.

I’m not sure which works I’ll submit. Should I choose a wide variety or stick to more of a theme? Stay tuned!