Pair Go Tournament Posters

These photos were staged in the Tatami Room at the Seattle Go Center. For scale, the dolls are 60 and 70 cm tall. Brian Allen supplied the pro photo gear and expert advice. By happy accident, the goban, bowls and stones scale perfectly to these dolls.

The posters include in-jokes for go players: real games on the board, tournament rules and go trends of the past year.

The photos were used in promotional posters for the Seattle Go Center’s annual Pair Go Tournament. The posters are on permanent display in the lobby of the Seattle Go Center. 2013-present.

Zeus’ women

A video slideshow I created for the the Zeus’ Women exhibition, May – July 2016, Artfx Gallery, Seattle, Washington.

December 2014: “Krampus” Exhibition with Marva Holmes at Bedlam Coffee, Seattle.

Marva created the terrific Krampus costume for my first photo shoot with a model. We went to a nearby park and shot many photos of Marva-Krampus frolicking around.

Photos used with permission.

You can also find various artwork at https://www.deviantart.com/tenukihandcrafts