Living the Photo Artistic Life issues are available as a free download; printed editions may be purchased for a reasonable price. Some works are available as art prints to purchase at my Society6 shop, linked below each image.

“Morning Dew on Gerberas” and “Dotty Daisy” in Issue 79, September 2021 of “Living the Photo Artistic Life”

“Morning Dews on Gerberas” by L. Anne Thompson
“Dotty Daisy” by L. Anne Thompson

“Lost” and “Still Life with Peonies” in Issue 77, July 2021 of “Living the Photo Artistic Life”

“Cadriel” in Issue 64, June 2020 of “Living the Photo Artistic Life”

“Cadriel” by L. Anne Thompson

“Fishing” Issue 59, January 2020 of “Living the Photo Artistic Life”

“Fishing” by L. Anne Thompson

“A Walk in the Rain” and “Bird Shack” Issue 55, September 2019 “Living the Photo Artistic Life”

“After the Rain” by L. Anne Thompson, September 2019
“The Bird Shack” by L. Anne Thompson

“Innerworld, Outer World”, “Doodle Girl” and “Untitled” on canvas board, “Creative Women Worldwide” by A V Yakupova. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Pair Go Tournament Promotional Posters

On permanent display at The Seattle Go Center

“Cherry Blossoms” and “After the Rain” on display at the Light Space & Time “Botanicals” Exhibition, August 2019.

Gallery Exhibitions

“Zeus’ Women” Featured Artist, May-June 2016, Artfx Gallery, Seattle, Washington

“Krampus” featured artist, December 2014, Bedlam Coffee House, Seattle, Washington