Dolls have intrigued me since my mom banned Barbies from the house when I was 8 years old.  My great Aunt Mary had a collection of stuffed animals, which I thought was pretty sassy for a woman in her 70s.  I have collected action figures, stuffed animals, fashion dolls (Gene Marshall and friends, Ellowyne Wilde). The dolly loves of my life are my small army of resin ball jointed dolls (BJDs).

So as not to get in trouble with the Mister or fall into credit card debt, I saved up and paid cash for each of my acquisitions.

The BJDs are my favorite models to shoot, create outfits for, paint their faces. This is the ultimate hobby for the crafty introvert: online forums, highly customizable, so many ways to create for them.  They don’t complain when the clothes are too tight or are not flattering.

My resin crew features the following companies and sculpts:

  • Dollshe Craft:
    • Bernard on the Pure Body (2 sets of OE heads and SA faceplate);
    • SA Hound, OE Hound, IM Hound, Husky and SA Saint on the new Old Hound body;
    • OE Grown Bermann and OE Grown Saint on the Mystic body.  These dolls are 70 cm tall.  All their faces were painted by me.
  • Soom BJD: Mecha Angel Sabik. Face-up by me. This guy stands 80 cm tall.
  • Dollstown:
    • Lucille (sharing a body with my Volks F34);
    • Arin and Jun on the Elf body. All face-ups by me.
  • Elfdoll:
    • Soah (original 2005 company face-up);
    • Sleeping Soah (Elfdoll face-up);
    • Smiling Soah (face-up by me) on an old-style single joined body from 2005. 58 cm tall;
    • K (company face-up). stands about 62 cm.
  • Narae, 42 cm. Original face-up, French resin, circa 2005.
  • B&G Rin. 60 cm.  My first bjd.
  • Volks:
    • F35. Hybrid F35 head on 2008 single jointed body, normal skin.  I bought this doll to put the Lucille head on.  F35 turned out to be super adorable with a beautiful face-up. Stands 58 cm tall. Not quite a match for the Lucille head
    • F35 2008 white skin. Still trying to match the Lucille head skin tone. No dice, but man, this is a super-cute face.
    • F48 (Rinon) in sunlight. FCS purchase in 2021. Face-up by Volks.
    • Dolfie Dream Sister and DDH 03, face-up by Alruna Aesthetics
  • Dollmore Lilis Liv head on Glorydoll body. Special Lilis Liv company face-up. Stands 56 cm tall.

I’m trying not to buy an IpleHouse EID Rex. He’s gorgeous, but I have reached my space limit for dolls. Something would have to go to fit this 70 cm fella in my studio.

Doctor Who

The Mister and I love Doctor Who, in all its formats: classic, new, Big Finish audio, Doctor Who magazine, comics. We’ll chew your ear off talking about. Check out our suggestions for the best story for each of the television Doctors.


The Mister started playing the game of go in high school and spent many years trying to convince other to play.

This is where the name Tenukihandcrafts comes from.  Tenuki is a go term that means to take the initiative and play somewhere else.

Sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Much like life.

Go, BJDs and photography come together in my series of Pair Go promotional posters, on permanent display at the Seattle Go Center. The featured Pair Go photo on this page features:  Elfdoll K (upper left), Dollmore Lilis Liv (upper right), Volks F34 (lower left) and B&G Run (lower right). Set in the tatami room using a perfectly scaled goban and stones.


We’ve done several remodels to our little home in the city and documented them in several videos.


I have a planner obsession, which has only gotten worse in the past few years when the planner world exploded.  I have used both paper and digital planners. I’ve created a basic digital planner. And returned to paper planning in late 2021, due to eye issues.. So many cute planners!