Dark Dreams

“Dark Dreams” by L. Anne Thompson

“Dark Dreams” was shot with my Canon Rebel Ti1, Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 50 optic and holding a blue Lensbaby Omni Filter over the lens. The image features my Elfdoll Reminiscence Soah with company faceup, Dollheart wig, and clothes made by me. I don’t remember where the bear came from, probably purchased at a doll convention.

Editing in Photoshop using the Photography BB Illustration action.

Layered with background and elements from Magical Reality’s Black Widow kit. Image of bats from the Photoshop Artistry class content. All used with permission via Commercial License.


  1. Thanks a bunch! It took some experimenting to get the dreams to look nice. I hadn’t thought about selling this one, so I’m glad you like it enough to buy! I no longer have a color printer, so I’ll prep it for printing and post it to my Society6 and RedBubble shops.

  2. i LOVE this photo!! The way that you were able to have the dreams show is amazing. I would love to buy a print of it.

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