Steve Smith character development

Hi ho art friends. As mentioned in the last post, I'm going to fully visualize The Monday Report. There are 2 characters to develop next: Miss Camille Starfall and the Corp Sec fella who ends Mr. Al Keaton. Since the last post, I've delved into the Den of Angels (bjd forum), various bjd doll sites, … Continue reading Steve Smith character development

Al Keaton character design

Hi art friends. This weekend demonstrated why I have trouble going full digital with my art: migraines. Still getting them. Thanks menopause. Needing to be creative today, I pulled out my character sketchbook, Derwent inktense pencils and pulled together Al Keaton's character sheet. The rest of today will be to design 2 other of the … Continue reading Al Keaton character design


Hi ho art friends. Playing with Photoshop continues. As is my way, I start down a path, my muse distracts me and I end up with something completely other than where I started. Today's canvas, "Tennyson" started with one of my photos of Cannon Beach, OR, from November of the Year the Starfish Died. This … Continue reading “Tennyson”

Surveillance Report TS-AK-101

To: Konno Ryozo, TakSec Director From: Gerlind Sanger, Security Chief, Investigations Unit Subject: Aloysius Keaton, Takashima IT Security Department Attachment: photo of Keaton, taken during off-compound excursion on 2070.09.13 Subject has been a Takashima employee for seven years. Unremarkable employee, rated as having average tech security skills, Keaton has been a model employee. Until 3 … Continue reading Surveillance Report TS-AK-101