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View from the 51st Floor

This morning, I went to the 51st Floor Conference Room at 2 Union Square, the location of some company events next week.  I needed to check the entire space, find the tech closet and kitchen.  The view was nice. We’re facing northeast with Lake Washington in the center of the photo.

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Draecena Cuttings

Hi ho, friends.
Today’s post relates to photography in that I really like how the photo turned out. It’s as visually complicated as one of my mixed media paintings.
I’ve had a dracena tricolor plant for a very long time. I remember buying it with my mom at Bimart.  It must have been nearly 20 years ago because I had it when we still lived on First West.  Anywho, this plant has really stuck with me, though the, uh, shall we say, droughts.  It has been quite happy below the garden window of our condo, getting leggier and leggier every year.
I watered it last week and thought, yikes, I’ve killed this poor thing.  Off to the Interwebs to find out more on caring for dracena and I found instructions on how to take cuttings. Turns out these babies are tropical and they can grow to nearly 50 feet in the wild!  I don’t have much space at home, so I took a deep breath, took the cuttings and dropped them in water. I’ve repurposed its pot for a small indoor herb garden.  Once the dracena have enough roots, I’ll repot them.
This was a big new step in my plant caretaking skills.  The stalks were a bit dry when I took the cuttings. Today, the stalks are refreshed and much happier. My Christmas cactus is happy for the company.  Perhaps the dracenas will move permanently to my studio.
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DIY Traveler’s Notebook

Hi ho, friends.
I have been wanting a Traveler’s Notebook ever since I took Christy Tomlinson’s Creative Planner class.  It’s the perfect size for carrying in my commute bag.  I used the notebook that came in this month’s Planner Society box as the template.  I also made a couple of notebooks with tabbed wrappers (not attached so I can re-use it) and one of those little month view planners. I picked mine up for 70% off at JoAnns and it’s a 2 year calendar.
This is the tutorial I followed for my TN cover:
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Happy creating!
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WIP: Close up of Derby Girl #1

Hi ho friends. Mr. Thompson and I are fans of our local roller derby, the Rat City Roller girls. We go to bouts whenever we can. Recently, an opportunity came up for me to have a vendor table at the first bout of this season.
My hubby came along to help out and had a suggestion: make derby girl art using the local team colors. Great idea! Here is my first gal, who is inspired by Rosie the Riveter.  My initial sketch is pretty close to the original and I’m still working out how to make it my own.
Stay tuned for more derby girls!
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Digital Photo Madness

Originally published on my blogger blog on 07/17/14. Moved here as part of the 2016 Blog Thread Separation project.

I picked up several Stampington publications with their recent sale, including the Spring 2012 Somerset Digital Studio. I stopped on page 22, with Susan Tuttle’s article on iPhonography.

Needless to say, I have gone quite mad playing with various apps. Here are a few of my creations, featuring my Dollshe Bernard, Ethan. His faceup and outfit are by me. Expect more of this sort of thing.

I used Aviary and Pixl-r-matic to edit these images.

Happy crafting.


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