Art journal, my old friend

Hello friends.  After months of studying, I took the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional exam today. I’ve managed to squeeze a bit of art, including several hours creating background pages in my large Dylusions journal. The test was 3.5 hours maximum and I nearly used it all.  Afterwards, my brain was mashed potatoes. I got home, […]

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Visual Update

Hi ho friends. It was time to change up the look of my site to feature my art images over the words so I’ve changed themes.  I hope you like the new look. This is one of my favorite photos. It is a selfie.  I took the photo back in 2013 when I was taking […]

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WIP: Clay art dolls

Hi ho friends.  I have a few more clay art dolls in progress. They were created for the various stages of shooting the art doll tutorial series. The two dolls in the foreground are ready to fix cracks and add clay to the bottom. The doll in the center has been sanded and is ready […]

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Angel Dude Sketch

Hi ho friends. I have a lot of art journals and sketchbooks.  My rationale is that I need more than one in order to set one aside while wet media dry so I can keep working with whatever muse has struck me that day. Recently, I decided to put some time on pencil work. A […]

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Stump Doll Video Tutorial

Hi ho friends. I have posted the first in a series of video tutorials on how to make a 6″ tall, mixed media stump style art doll.  Click this link to go to my Freebies/Tutorials page. I don’t yet know how many videos will be in the tutorial, since I’m filming as I make the […]

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Hooked on Planners

Hi friends, You’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of what I call “proper posts” lately. To me, a proper post is one like this, where I ramble at you for a while and maybe throw in a pretty picture or two. I’ve used an IFTT recipe to cross-post from Instagram to keep my blog fresh.  The […]

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Banner Contest Winner!

The votes are in and it’s unanimous: Banner #1 is the new Tenukihandcrafts banner. The new banner, and it’s variations, will be featured in my Etsy shop, on my twitter profile and Facebook page for the shop. The winner of the drawing for a one-of-a-kind ATC is Carrie.  Congrats, lady! I’ll be in touch for […]

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Weeks 31-34

Hi ho, my lovelies. I thought by grouping my LIfe Book posts, I’d discipline myself to post more frequently and cover more artistic ground.  Not so much. Ah well, try, try again, right? Today’s post is Life Book 2015 Weeks 31-34. Week 31 Hamsa Protection with Rachel Rice Week 32 You are Wise with Tam […]

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