Sargent SculpIt Air Dry Clay

Originally published on my blogger blog on 11/11/15. Moved here as part of the 2016 Blog Thread Separation project. My first foray into sculpting with air drying clay. Now I wish I had taken a puppetry class back in college. Not bad and it might look better painted and finished, but I think for the […]

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Toteful of Handspun Yarn

I haven’t tried spinning since my Crafting Hiatus began in May 2013. My brief foray into knitting a couple months ago put an end to the idea of knitting, let alone spinning. But I like to re-visit my hand-spun yarns every once in a while. Sometimes, I open the storage bin full of handspun yarns and […]

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BB Self-care

Today’s prompt was self-care. I took a number of different shots and decided rathwr late tonight to use the night portrait mode to capture a moment of mediation. Ok, not proper Zen meditation, but I did comtemplate the mysteries of the timer setting on my Powersot S50. For class, I submitted a nice shot of […]

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Art Yarn

During my crafty years, I spun my own yarn.  Got pretty good at it and tried to sell it on Etsy and 1000 Markets.  Over time, I like to think my product photos improved.  However, the items I like to make were not selling, so I closed my shops.  I still have all those product photos. […]

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