Brothers, V3


Sculpturally, Dollshe’s Bernard (Ethan) and Saint (Keaton) are brothers. On the left is my Pure Body Bernard and on the right is my Dollshe Grown Saint, who makes a good older brother. The lads in their elegant gentleman clothing with the mostly black and white images gives the image an old timey gothic literature feel.

A recurring theme in my portrait photography is for the subject to look directly at the viewer. This style makes the viewer a bit uncomfortable because the subject is challenging the viewer.

The background and overlay are from Magical Reality Black Widow and Bird Silhouette sets. The composited image was run through PhotographyBB Illustrated, using the Color Option 6. The black and white is a filter, with the skin masked to bring some warmth to their faces and Ethan’s hair. Keaton’s wig is black and white.

This version of the portrait is nearly there and definitely an improvement over the previous version because I’ve created the Doll Extraction action. The next version will involve reshooting the lads. I’m sure there will be a version 4 since I’m not in love with this version.

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  1. What part of it would you like to improve? In this version I feel like they are looking at me on a more personal level than I have felt before.

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