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“Bouquet” by L. Anne Thompson

“Bouquet” features my Dollshe Pure Body Bernard, SA head. Shot with my Canon Rebel T1i and Lensbaby Soft Focus 2 optic on the Composer Pro body. Face-up, vest and shirt designed and sewn by me. Lightly edited in Lightroom (reduced noise) and 2 Lil Owls Still Stories 2 . In Photoshop, I added 2 Foxey Squirrel backgrounds as overlays: Blizzard 2 and 26; both set to Soft Light and reduced opacity. The image of the doll was run through PhotographyBB Illustrated, which soften the faceplate seam, further disguised by the 2 overlays.

Other set up notes: I used a small ring light to enhance the natural light (overcast day), a white piece of foam core to bounce light. Behind my Bernard is a tall room divider with a white sheet thrown over it (to hide the wooden frame) with the ceiling light turned on behind for some diffused light. I set a fan on the floor to get the wind-blown look.

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