“Bouquet” by L. Anne Thompson

“Bouquet” features my Dollshe Pure Body Bernard, SA head. Shot with my Canon Rebel T1i and Lensbaby Soft Focus 2 optic on the Composer Pro body. Face-up, vest and shirt designed and sewn by me. Lightly edited in Lightroom (reduced noise) and 2 Lil Owls Still Stories 2 . In Photoshop, I added 2 Foxey Squirrel backgrounds as overlays: Blizzard 2 and 26; both set to Soft Light and reduced opacity. The image of the doll was run through PhotographyBB Illustrated, which soften the faceplate seam, further disguised by the 2 overlays.

Other set up notes: I used a small ring light to enhance the natural light (overcast day), a white piece of foam core to bounce light. Behind my Bernard is a tall room divider with a white sheet thrown over it (to hide the wooden frame) with the ceiling light turned on behind for some diffused light. I set a fan on the floor to get the wind-blown look.


  1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure how effective the fan was until I saw the results. This doll has 2 face plates: eyes open and eyes closed. I used the eyes closed face plate.

  2. I really like the windblown and the sparkle type of effect that you were able to achieve. Do the eyes on your subject close, or is that something you achieved in other ways.

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