Random BJD Photos

I used to be more involved with Den of Angels, a bjd hobby forum, but drifted away for a couple years to focus on career goals. Now that I’m working on my cyberpunk-inspired graphic novel featuring my small army of bjds, I’m getting back into the Den.

Den of Angels doesn’t host photos, so if you want to post you have to link to Flickr or your own site. I’ve had trouble with Flickr ever since Yahoo! sold it off to whomever it was. That means a page devoted to random bjd photos.

I’ll throw in some of the more artistic photos, for your viewing pleasure.

Head’s up: there may be clinical doll nudity on this page. These dolls are NOT Barbie or Ken. The bodies, while varied between companies, more closely resemble humans. Some companies put more detail and realism into their doll bodies than others. For the males, I am particularly fond of the Korean company Dollshe Craft, primarily the Classic sculpts. The Dollshe bodies are works of art. My dolls don’t necessarily dress to their body’s gender.


70 cm Boy standing next to 60 cm girl
MA Sabik on Dollshe Mystic body, dressed

70 cm sitting next to 60 cm
“Let’s work together.”
MA Sabik Dollshe Mystic Body