Takashima update

Hi art friends!

I made huge progress on Takashima in the past 2 weekends. All 137 images are complete and have been dropped into PhotographyBB’s Comic Book maker. There are currently 58 pages with minimal text.

When I started Takashima, I had no idea how I would make this graphic novel real. Although I haven’t counted up the hours spent, I’m guessing it’s 30% more time than I planned. Due, in part, to my Photoshop and photography skills. In the process of creating nearly140 images for the project, my Photoshop and photography skills have improved greatly working on this project.

Several of the images throughout the story, including the image below, involves reflections. All were created in photoshop because the backgrounds were created separately from the doll images.

Here is one of my favorite pages from the story.

Next steps: add just enough text to enhance the story, compile it into a comic book format and send the first draft to a very limited group of readers for feedback. I’m still considering what to do with Takashima when I’m done. My primary objective was to create it.

Leave a comment and let me know if you’re interested in the story when it’s done.

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  1. YAY!! I’ve been watching/reading the process of you creating this over the past several years and am so excited to see it coming to fruition. I love the fact that you are using a variety of your passions to create something so amazing. I would be interested in reading it!!

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