Hi art friends,

Today, I’m looking at 3 images from my first Omni Creative Filter neighborhood walk: the images that came out of the camera, done up in a more grungy style and how I felt this first test went.

No edits

All three of these images were taken near the end of my walk around the neighborhood. By this point, I’d settled into primarily using the faceted crystal and was trying to capture various reflections. As I mentioned in the first post on the Omni test, you don’t get what you see in the viewfinder. For all three of the images, I took multiple shots, rotating and shifting the crystal to get ‘something cool.’

These images were captured with my Canon Rebel T1i, Canon 50 mm lens and the Omni Creative filter kit with one of the crystals.

This is one of my favorite images, right out of the camera. It was most successful in capturing the reflection of the leaves and there is a bonus lovely color shift in the reflection..

“Dreamy fall day”

I found this random cat statue stuck in this tree in the little grass area 2 blocks up the hill from my house. Again, love the reflected leaves and trees barely visible on the left side of the frame, plus the nice color shift. I’m not a fan of the hot spot at the bottom and hope some grungy overlay will jazz it up a bit.

“Cat in a tree”

The effect was more subtle for this shot of the Space needle. Nice purple color, subtle reflection of the building behind me. It’s a bit boring. Again, I hope a grungy overlay will jazz this baby up.

“Dreamy Space Needle”

Overall, I really love this system. I think I may have more success using it when I plan or stage my next shoot. It will take more experimentation to get the dreamy images I’m going for. This purchase was my way to try out a Lensbaby product before buying one of their lenses and get more manual shooting under my belt.

Grungy versions

For all three versions, I ran the photos through PhotographyBB DS Illustration then edited the details to suit each image, as specified below. I’m not putting a ton of time into these images; rather, I’m just trying to give them the grungy flair I enjoy.

After running the image through PhotographyBB DS Illustration, I added fine and large details, which gave additional depth to the leaves. I added 2 Lil Owls Cosmopolitan 2 and Everyday Moments 3. The dancer is itKuPiLLi’s Random Blends Character 3. I added a 50% grey layer and used a soft round brush to add 2 light rays in white and shadow under the dancer in black then applied a 42% Gaussian blur to the layer, which further softened the brush strokes; I set this layer to soft light at 73%. The dancer adds a whimsical flair to the image and fills in the hot spot/reflection nicely. I also duplicated the photo and layered it over the dancer and set it to soft light at 54% to further incorporate the dancer into the image.

I think the grungy version is pretty successful. It might be a good idea to tweak the 50% grey layer, but I’ll come back to it later.

“Dreamy Autumn Dancer”

For the cat image, added fine, medium and large details to the image. I used Kate Pertiet’s Botanical Notebook background paper, Julie Mead’s Zonnenbluem background paper, 2 Lil Owl black film overlay and various digital stamps in black set to very low opacity, just enough to get a hint of something there in that pesky hot spot. Not totally happy with this one. But the image intrigues me, so I’ll keep plugging away at it until I get the look I’m going for. Whatever that is.

For the last image, I added Fine and Large details after running it through Illustration, after straightening it. I used Distressed Textures Autumn Crunch and Salmon Kiss (both with the saturation reduced to close to zero) and I added a blank layer and stamped a dust brush in black randomly around the image then set it to soft light and very low opacity – just enough to see the dust speckles. I’m feel middling about it. It could use some work. I think it could still be straightening a touch more. I just didn’t get a wow factor on this one but I’ll keep at it.

Overall, I like the grungy experiments. As mentioned above, some focused shooting and more time spent on each image will improve my overall satisfaction. That said, I think I’m making progress with both the Omni filter system and turning the resulting dreamy images into the dreamy grunge look I’m going for.

The next post on the Omni system will feature some images I took a couple weeks ago. For this outing, I took one of my Blythe dolls dressed in her best autumn look. I’ve processed a couple of the images and really like the results, so stay tuned. As with the images in this post, I’ll show the original photo(s) and then run it through the grungy paces and share the results.

Happy creating!