Hi art friends. I gave into temptation and bought the Lensbaby Omni Creative Filter System and Color Expansion kit. I did a few silly tests in the house, due to rain, and when the next sunny day appeared, I took the fab new gear on my neighborhood walk.

I’m going to confess: I’m very lax about renaming my images or keeping a log of tools, settings and whatnot. I use my daily storehouse of discipline as an EA and to get those daily chores done. When I make art, I want to play and shoot whatever pretty catches my eye in the moment.

I used the seahorse crystal from the main kit and the most faceted crystal in the expansion set on this field trip. I toyed with adding filters but have no idea which one(s).

I’m shooting with my Canon Rebel T1i, Canon 50 mm lens, Aperture Priority set at 1.8 and shooting RAW.

In lightroom, I added 2 Lil Owls Still Stories presets to the images. But that is the extent of the editing of all three images.

It’s easier to shoot using the Omni system vs manually holding something in front of the lens. I still have to hold the camera with one hand as I rotate the crystal until I get something cool looking.

The real magic is what you see in the viewfinder is not what you get. It’s cooler. Lovely blur, lens flares, reflections.

Pod Thang

I’ve been walking past this particular house all summer taking photos of the lovely wood fence/trellis in the front yard. A month ago, these pods were green and looked like giant snow peas. They are about 3.5 inches long and about 1 inch around.

On this trip, the pods were broken open to reveal, what at first glance, looked like humongous caterpillars. Pretty sure they are a dense cluster of seeds.

I hope the owner didn’t think I was casing the joint because I spent a lot of time taking photos of and deeply looking into these things.

“Pod Thang” by L. Anne Thompson


There is a terrific little shaded public garden at the viewpoint on 8th West. There is a winding path beneath a delicious leafy green canopy. The leaves on the deciduous trees had not yet turned on their autumn colors. The hydrangeas are wrapping up blooming for the season.

On the second image, I added the 12 mm extension tube and with the crystal horizontal across the top of image. The result being some bloom reflection plus the lovely color shifts.

“Hydrangea” by L. Anne Thompson

Pink Hydrangea

Looking at the lovely business on the right side of the frame, I’m pretty sure I used the multi-faceted crystal for this shot and, judging by what’s in focus, the 12 mm extension tube.

“Pink Hydranga” by L. Anne Thompson

Future experiments

From the remaining images in this set, I’ll drop another post or two with more favorite images.

I want to run a few through various Photography BB actions and see what happens.

For the next shoot, I will be more strategic and set up a still life. I’ll choose one Omni item to test, take a picture of it at the start of the shoot and explore the range of magical images I can get in that session.

Expect more photos when you see them.

Happy creating!