Hi art friends.

At the time I am writing this post, September 13, 2021, I finished editing and converting 52 Takashima Extraction composite images to the PhotographyBB From Dusk Till Dawn Illustration style.

I’m glad I stopped to test the images because that would have been a real downer to get to the end of compositing only to find that I’d have to re-edit all the photos, which should be around 200 images.

Today, I have a 6 panel test to share. Again, no dialog. More of a draft sequence of images. Panel 1 and 4 show some of the small changes I had (and apparently still have) to make:

In panel 1, the top panel, I made the following changes: enhanced the whites of the dolls eyes, masked out the flyaway hair, removed a visible doll wig cap and removed Miss Camille’s head seam. Panel 4 does not have any of those corrections but does have Keaton lurking in the background. Taking in all 6 images together, the last image needs to be darkened to fit the other images.

Takashima 6 panel test page

With the way the Illustrated action works, I’ve been able to be less precise about fixing issues. In what I’ll call the original composite color image, I can blur and mask or paint unwanted image clutter out with a soft brush and a color taken from the image. Run the Illustration action and see if anything needs to be adjusted and then place the image in the comic panel.

What I’ve been doing with these tests is embedding the Photoshop file into the Comic Book Maker panel. With today’s 6 panel file, I ran into a Large File warning, so I’ll need to add one more step and export each of the final images as png files before embedding them into the Comic Book Maker. Creating the png files will be done after I finalize the images in story order.

While I haven’t finished Takashima, it is part of a series and my mind drifts towards to the topic of what I’d do differently.

I’ve tried to keep furniture and large props to a minimum, due to my studio space constraints. However, I’m not sure the time spent compositing those elements has been a good use of time. I’m thinking of designing and building a simple yet flexible 1:3 scale 2 wall diarama. But that’s a topic for another day. Considering I’ve got 52 of roughly 130 images ready, I need to stay on target and finish Takashima.

As far as a revised timeline for this project, I continue to put in my 2 hours per week and a bit more when I can swing it. However, I should be receiving my mother’s death certificate this week and then the probate process starts. I have no idea how it will take for the legal wheels to get in motion. Once the matter of the personal representative of the estate is set, I’ll be able to work out a new timeline for this project.

Expect the next post when you see it.

Happy creating!