Hi art friends.

Today’s post is an update on the Takashima Project image conversion to PhotographyBB and Comic Book Maker.

All those flower images I’ve been playing with using the other Photography BB actions, emboldened me to edit the Takashima images a bit more – adding a paint layer to simply the background and painting in or out other details.

For example, the doll joints. My previous method was to duplicate the doll image, apply a Gaussian blur, inverted mask and reveal the blurred joint to cover doll joints. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

For Takashima, the problematic joints are mostly wrists. The costumes are designed to mask the other joints. Except for poor Miss Camille and her interchangeable ears. I still have quite a bit of trouble masking her many head joints but I think I have the solution.

I add a new blank layer, use the eye dropper to select areas of the skin and paint out the joint. Depending on how it looks, I do a little smudging to blend the skin colors; add an adjustment layer if I don’t grab just the right color with the dropper and erase a little of the smudged areas. All using the soft brush that is standard with Photoshop. And sometimes, I just duplicate the composite image (The Move) and paint directly on the main image. It depends on how central the joint is, how much work is involved.

Composite Image

First up, the composite image of Keaton on his phone at the office. For his wrist joint, I added a blank layer and painted. Not perfect, but it’s not going to matter by the last panel. On the composite image, I enhanced the whites of his eyes and used the eyedropper to grab some green from his left eye to bring some depth to the right eye, which is in shadow. It does look odd, but again, it will translate well in the final image.

“Keaton on the phone”

PhotographyBB From Dusk Till Dawn Converted Image

The next step is the run the PhotographyBB From Dusk Till Dawn Illustrated action. Once the action runs, I increase the brightness and create a new layer from visible and save the file.

“Keaton on Phone” From Dusk Till Dawn Action result, Cinematic Style 1, with the image Brightened

Photography BB Comic Book Maker 2 Panel Test Page

Lastly, I use Place Embedded to drop the Illustrated version of the image into the Comic Book Maker 2 panel test page. The first image has also been revised to remove Keaton’s wrist joint and edit his eyes.

“Comic Book Maker 2 panel test”

The doll eyes are definitely improved. The key is to paint in whites, add some lid shadow, if needed and reinforce or add highlights. I’m about halfway though reviewing and revising the previously worked on images. I’ll just keep plugging away at this project.

Happy creating!