Hi art friends,

Another PhotographyBB Photoshop action experiment. This time, I layered 2 different actions to see the effect.

Here is the original photo. The image is called “Still Working” I took the photo around 6 pm and found this lil bee hard at work.

“Still Working” original photo

I tried the watercolor action, using the automatic subject selection and got this:

“Still Working” watercolor version

Pretty cool. Looks like a watercolor painting. I like the white space.

Shocking, right? I’m finally coming to grips with my earlier need to fill space. Slowly.

Then I tried the Sketchography 2 action using the Pen Sketch:

“Still Working” pen sketch version

Not quite as cool. It’s a bit tough to tell what’s going on. But what happens if I layer the pen sketch over the watercolor? The pen layer was set to Overlay at 65%

“Still Working” combined layers

That orangey stem at the top was bugging me. I wasn’t sure if I’d have to start over and edit the original image or could I find it in the layers stack post Watercolor action and paint over or mask it.

I let it sit overnight then came back to edit it out. It wasn’t that difficult to correct. Here is the final canvas, with prints available in my Society6 shop.

“Still Working” final canvas

More experiments to come.

Happy creating!