Hi art friends,

I was curious how one of my recent macro flower photographs would look with the PhotographyBB From Dusk Til Dawn action applied.

And the answer is: pretty cool.

Here is the original photo:

“Dreamy Lavender” by L. Anne Thompson

And here is the version with the PhotographyBB From Dusk Til Dawn Illustrated action applied. Default settings, Cinematic Style #1

Ok, kind of interesting. Lavender on another planet, I guess. I like the Illustrated-ness of it.

Here is a version with the action run and with the layer set to Soft Light:

I like the last version best. I brings some pink to the image, as well as the Illustrated-ness, without being on another planet.

As you might guess, I’m going to try the action out on other flower photos and see what happens.

Expect those experiments when you see them.

Happy creating!