Hi art friends.

As I mulled over how much longer it will take me to complete Takashima, I decided I need to figure out that pesky moire pattern before I process too many images.

It didn’t take as long to find the effect to turn off: Filter Gallery. Here is Test #3, which is the same image of Keaton and Starfall talking. The only difference is the Filter Gallery.

The top image has Filter Gallery turned on; the bottom image has it turned off. Both images also have Keaton’s eyes brightened. I added a 50% grey layer, painted the whites of his yes with 100% white and soft round brush then set the layer to overlay.

The effect is most noticeable on Miss Camille’s hand and the light above their heads.

Again, the effect is more pronounced when viewed in Photoshop at 100%. I definitely prefer the Filter Gallery effect off. My backgrounds are already fairly busy and that effect increases the busy factor.

Now I can move on to the process of brightening the eyes on the already processed images. When I get to the coworkers page, I’ll post another comparison. Assuming it works, of course.

Fingers crossed and…

Happy creating!