Hi ho art friends.

Several months ago, when I unpacked some books we’ve brought back from storage, I found a Stampington Coloring Studio, Summer 2016. Totally forgotten I’d bought that issue.

Post The Remodel, I’ve set aside my mixed media art because I didn’t want to risk make a mess. I’d kept my markers and colored pencils. So I broke those out and colored a few pages in The Coloring Studio.

I found coloring very relaxing. Which, naturally, prompted me to pick up several more coloring books. I’ve picked up several Johanna Basford books and two Millie Marotta books. Binged watched some YouTube videos and off I went.

July 2021 was a difficult month for me: there was a surprise mid-year re-organization and I had 3 weeks to coordinate a week-long team offsite meeting, hand over my previous org files and email lists to the incoming EA; set up my new org. The night I returned from the work trip, my mother died unexpectedly. Coloring became my therapy. No rules, no expectations, just me, the coloring pencils and my pages.

Last weekend, I had a weird problem with one eye, where a big chunk of vitreous broke off and has been clouding my eye. So I promised my opthamologist, once again, that I’d reduce my screen time.

That means another delay for Takashima until those ginormous floaters settle down because it’s been very difficult for me to spend time beyond work on the computer. Truth be told, it’s been difficult for me to get excited about anything past work, doing chores (which has an oddly soothing factor) and coloring.

So, yeah, coloring books. If you’re on the adult coloring book bandwagon, you know how great it is.

In the past 2 weeks I found Colorfully Optimistic’s YouTube channel. She does a lot of tutorials, including a bunch of hair How-tos. Watching those took me back to my Tamara Laporte and Jane Davenport mixed media classes and whimsical styled portraits.

I didn’t want to go out and buy more coloring books just so I could try out the hair coloring techniques. Instead, I took out my pencils, Micron pens, ink black Derwent Inktense pencil and watercolor paper and drew several gals to color.

I have a little treat for you: 3 jpg files of whimsical girl portraits for you to download and color. I’ve left plenty of space for you to add your own doodles and whatever else you’d like.

I drew these with graphite pencil, used a black Micron 2.0 and 5.0 pen to line them, for the inky gals, I was curious to use a black Inktense pencil to create some shadows. I scanned the pages at 300 dpi and edited them in Photoshop. Adjusted the exposure to remove the paper texture, clean up lines and blotches, that sort of thing.

All three files print on US Letter size paper, 8.5″x11″.

All I ask is that you tag #tenukihandcraftscoloring if you post the work. Please don’t pass the art as your own. These are free, for personal use only. Print on a laser printer (ink-jet will bleed). Check your printer manual to find out the heaviest weight paper your printer can take.

Happy coloring!