Hi ho art friends. The Tiny Details lessons continue, as does shooting through stuff.

The images were shot with my Canon Rebel T1i, Canon 50 mm lens and Kenko 12 mm extension tube, ISO 200 and manual settings.

Two of the lessons involved going around your house to find items to shoot through. I tried a number of items: white cheese cloth (with and without a hole to shoot through), natural colored cheesecloth (no holes), a piece of wide white cotton lace with a hole cut in the center, a small cardboard tube (1/2″ or less), a piece of acetate, a piece of cling type plastic, a woven silver cuff bracelet, and the thumb hole of my silver sewing shears.

On July 11, I set up my folding table with a dark wood board on the table. Behind the table I set up a white decorative shutter (both purchased at Michaels for like $5 each). The table was set up very close to the window because I started shooting around 3:30 in the afternoon. I also set up my white foam core sheet on the far side of the table to bounce light back onto the flowers.

I took so many photos. About halfway through this shooting session, which lasted about 90 minutes, I remembered to squirt the flowers with a water mister.

The best items in the day were: both white and natural cheesecloth, the wide lace, the cling plastic. All three were attached to my 50 mm lens with a hair tie. The other item that turned out cool but will need some work was the piece of acetate. It reflects a lot of light and will take some work to master. It’s also trickier holding onto the acetate, focusing, watching my exposure and trying to find the sweet spot with the acetate.

All the photos were processed in Lightroom, with tweaks to exposure, etc and Tiny Details presets applied.

While perhaps not the best photos, they represent the potential cool effects that can be achieved. I’m looking forward to tying the cheesecloth on my lens for the next neighborhood stroll.

It was a busy day for me. The morning of this shoot, I processed and scheduled the other trio posts; did my Sunday chores, scoured books to pack up, set up this shoot, took a bunch of photos, downloaded and processed a bunch, created these three and wrote this post.

Gerbera (dry) #1 used preset 28 and overlay 30. I wish the foreground daisy was just a bit more in focus. Just a wee touch. I really love the blurred daisy backs in the background, the soft effect of the cheesecloth. For the hole in the cheesecloth, I separated the threads with my finger rather than cut the hole, which would have made a mess.

Gerbera (dry) #2, used preset 30 and overly 28. I shot through the small cardboard tube, which is the source of the halo. I think the copper tube Denise recommends will be nicer, I don’t have any metal tubes on hand. It sort of looks like an eye, which I tried to enhance in editing. Somewhat successfully. It’s a touch eerie, which I like. Dark and dreamy. Yum.

Gerbera (dry) #3 used preset 37 and overlay 28. It is my favorite of this trio. Shot through cheesecloth. It’s one of the best photos of the shoot as well. The background is the white foam core, the blue enhanced somewhat by the preset.

With items covering the lens, it’s a bit trickier to get the exposure, which is why I took so many photos.

I took the best shoot through items and set them aside to pack on my next photo field trip. It never occurred to me to shoot through stuff, nor did it occur to me that probably my favorite dreamy images were achieved by this method.

I’m loving Denise’s classes. She doesn’t get super technical with the settings and she encourages play. As you probably know by now, I’m a creative photographer. I’ve learned the basics and now I want to push the rules in all directions.

I’m following my muse on these creative macro photos and am very pleased with how the images are turning out. For the last 2 shoots, I used the auto settings sparingly and just worked it out on my own, checking the histogram.

Expect more daisies shot through stuff when you see them.

Happy creating!