Hi ho art friends.

This trio of white flowers were shot during my late afternoon walk on July 10.

When I shoot in residential areas, such as this walk, I try to respect the landscape and the owner’s property by staying on the city-owned sidewalk. I’ve taken this walk around the block many times since lockdown. There is no good, stable place to drop a tripod. All the images were shot, hand held, with my Canon Rebel T1i, 50 mm lens and 12 mm Kenko extension tube. They were cropped and adjusted in Lightroom and used 2 Lil Owls Tiny Details presets and overlays.

The overarching class lesson for this walk was to shoot through something, in this case, the foliage. When I could manage to shoot through. The foliage on this walk were in various inclines and, for the most part, close to the ground. In the end, I chose the best of each image, whether or not I was, in fact, shooting through anything.

White Flowers #1 used Tiny Details preset 5 and overlays 15 and 16. The largest of these white flowers is less than 1 inch across.

White Flowers #2 is using Tiny Details preset #28 and #30 overlay. As I was taking this shot, I noticed the lens flare in the background. Sunlight reflected of car windows parked on the other side of the street. It took a number of shots to get this image with just the right amount of bokeh in the background. The focus was tough because the flower is small and I was shooting into the sun. It took a number of shutter speed and aperture adjustments to get this one shot. I’m enjoying how the petals furthest from the camera are blurry and have a bit of a halo. The halo was in the original photo but was enhanced by the high pass.

White Flower #3 is my favorite of this trio and possibly this trip. As I was shooting, there were bees and moths flitting around the flowers. Again, it took a number of shots to get this one. This one uses Tiny Details preset 4 and overlay 28, with the saturation dialed down to around 10%. Just enough to enhance the browns in the image without becoming a dark sepia filter.