Hi art friends. The Still Stories continue today with the next lesson in the series: the Hobby Story.

As you may know, I was a long-time crafter: sewing, bead work, paper crafting knitting, spinning, which came to an abrupt end in mid 2013 when I was diagnosed with bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome. By fall that year, I had CTS release surgery on both hands.

Since the surgeries, I’ve tried to resume crafting. These days crafting is limited to doll projects, which are small and can be completed in a couple hours.

For this trio, I pulled the items into my still life set up, which is now shifted 2 feet further away from the window for more space behind me to work without ramming into my office desk. There is a marked decrease in natural light reaching the table, even with a white reflector so I used my small ring light, using manual settings, my Canon Rebel T1i, 50 mm lens. For the third image, I also had the 20 mm extension tube attached.

I didn’t move around a lot for this series, focusing instead on different areas of the frame. While I was shooting, I had another idea but was short on time, so I did hurry through this series quite a bit.

Once in Lightroom, I made minor adjustments to exposure then applied the Still Stories presets, 30, 14 and 44, respectively. I used one of the Still Stories overlays but most have a bit too much texture for these particular images, which have quite a bit going on. The first two images use one of the July Texture Club Pioneer overlays and the last image uses a Still Stories overlay.

“Hobby Story” with Still Stories Preset 30
“Hobby Story” with Still Stories Preset 14
“Hobby Story” with Still Stories Preset 44

I wouldn’t say this has been my favorite series. Due in part, to rushing and in part to revisiting hobbies I’m not so involved with these days. What I enjoy about this trio is the colors and reflections I got from the crystal beads.

I’ve allowed myself to get sidetracked with the 2 Lil Owls Studio classes. It’s time to delve into the new Photoshop Actions set I purchased specifically for Takashima. I think I’ll start with the background dioramas so you might expect a version on the backgrounds in the near future.

Happy creating!