Hi ho art friends.

Here are a trio of flowers, captured on my neighborhood walks. I used my Canon Rebel T1i with 25 mm lens and working with manual settings.

So, funny story, I got it into my brain somehow that this lens was my macro lens. When I watched the first video of the Tiny Details class, Denise was talking about 80 mm being a great distance for a macro lens. And I thought, then what the heck is my 25 mm lens?

Wide angle lens, dingus. Swapped out the 25 mm for the 50 mm lens. Let’s see how that works, shall we?

Which means that the last 3 photos trips were shot on manual with my wide angle lens….durp.

Still, lovely photos. Making use of what’s on hand, right?

On the stuff I grasp front, I returned to shooting in raw format in order to get all the color info and have the maximum file size and make the most of my Rebel for art prints.

All three images processed in Lightroom to adjust settings, dropped on a 2 Lil Owl’s Preset then saved to juse the 2LO June Texture Club overlays, one each of Everyday Moments and Black Film 2.

Sometimes, the over exposure produces a super-dreamy look, as it did with the lavender photo. All that delicious bokeh!

I had a tendency to center my subject in the frame. This was partly due to bad habits developed over time but also from setting up doll images for compositing later.

About a month into the Still Stories class, I noticed that my compositions are framed better and I crop less in Light Room.

Because I’m an online class junkie, I signed up for the 2 Lil Owls course, Macro Photography. In the gear video, Denise mentioned extension tubes. Being self-taught and not one to read technical books on photography, I heard of extensions tubes but had no idea what they were for. Turn my existing lenses into macro lenses?! Sign me up!

I picked up a set of Kenko Auto Extension tubes for my trusty Canon Rebel – because good macro lenses are e-spensive! At least until I save up for some Lens Baby goodies. I may dive into the Omni creative line, which are not terribly expensive and look like a lot of fun.

Expect more macro photography when you see it.

Happy creating!