Hi ho art friends. Today’s post combines one of my Takashima character photos (Elfdoll K and Dollmore Lilis Liv) with a still life photo shoot of Alec, my Dollshe SA Hound.

For this shoot, Alec is sitting on the folding table in front of one of my Billie bookshelves. The bookshelf provides so much delicious depth to images. I also used a couple of 2 Lil Owl overlays.

This is one of several images I’ve created to visually represent a memory. I think it’s the most successful to date. It took quite a lot of time arranging the kiss image to minimize my Elfdoll K and make it appear that the Lilis hand is resting on Alec’s chest.

I’m also making a conscious effort to balance is my need to fill the space with giving the viewer places for the eyes to find things. What I love about creating in Photoshop is that I can satisfy the need to fill the space then mask the layers and reveal the essential elements that tell the story.

When I opened the file to export the jpg for this post, I wondered if the idea of memory would be better served if the kiss image were black and white. The black and white portion is pushed further in the background and I think it’s quite effective. The full color version of this image is used in the banner.

Expect the next post when you see it.

Happy creating!