Hi ho art friends.

Today, my goal for the Takashima Project was to create several background diarama. Below are the backgrounds created for this project so far.

The backgrounds left to create: Keaton’s desk, view down the office hallway and the reverse view, office break room, and the executive’s office. I’ve collected the images I want to use for these diarama and plan to complete this stage in the next two weeks.

The next steps: to composite my characters onto their backgrounds, find my font, determine how I’m going to add text to the images and create Hiro’s drones. The drones are probably the last thing I’ll create. I have an idea for them and two inked drawings to detail.

Unlike previous art projects, this one does not have external pressures. I’m not working to someone else’s deadline or getting canvases ready for a gallery showing. This project is for me foster my artistic growth while holding to a visual style to tell one story that is part of a larger story.

A couple weeks ago, I felt very far behind. After spending time on backgrounds today and doing a little file housekeeping, I find I am well on my way to complete this project by September.

All it took to keep me on task was a simple mindset shift when I determined that I could dedicate 2 hours per week to the project. When I get in the groove and have time to do more, that’s great, but if not, that’s fine too. Through the ups and downs, I’ve kept working on the story, a little at a time. Not all of the tasks were “creative” but they were necessary to keep the project moving forward.

Many months ago, I wrote that The Takashima Extraction is my proof of concept: to take all I’ve learned in the many Photoshop classes and create my interpretation of a graphic novel.

Expect more on Takashima when you see it.

Happy creating!